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Buying life insurance isn’t a purchase like you make at a grocery store or retail outlet.

It’s an intangible product – one that protects your family, your business, or even your entire estate.

And that’s exactly how we treat it from start to finish.

Welcome to BestLifeRates.org, where we specialize in providing the best possible life insurance buying experience on the web.

Since September of 2016, over a million people just like you have used our site to get educated on life insurance, compare insurance companies and quotes, or cover their family with a much needed policy.

Today, we’re still doing it (only quite a bit better, if we say so ourselves).

Leveraging every possible tool we can, from instant online applications to fully underwritten, tough-to-place cases (think medical conditions), to letting people use Artificial Intelligence engines to aid them in making a smarter decision.

But let’s take a step back and introduce ourselves just a little further.

Our Story

BestLifeRates.org is independent. And we always will be.

We’re here to guide you through our process to ensure you get nothing but “the best life insurance rates, every time.”

Hence, we made it our slogan so we never forget our true purpose: helping you.

So – that’s what we’re focused on, nothing else!

What It Means To Be Independent

We don’t work for an insurance company, but rather for you, our client.

We (or anyone who works with us) are commissioned agents or brokerages, as with everyone else in our industry.

BUT – we are willing to provide you with extreme transparency. We believe if we are open and honest from beginning to end, we will gain your trust and your business.

It also means we can offer virtually any insurance company’s products, as long as they make them available to agents who work outside their company.

In other words, we can represent almost everyone, and nearly every product.

Most people don’t know the life insurance companies have a set of rates we all use, equally, which nobody is allowed to discount in any way.

In other words, because we’ve got the exact same policies and rates as everyone else, you can’t lose by shopping your rate with us.

In fact, you can only win, because we probably have more options than most local agencies.

(We know because they use our site, too.)

Why We’re Different

Our only dog in the fight is you.

We aren’t interested in anything more than making sure you get the right coverage, the right price, and the exact life insurance policy that’s right for you.

We only want to help you get the policy you deserve.

We also believe if we are open and honest from beginning to end, we will gain your trust and your business.

If we can’t beat a price, we’ll let you know.

If we can’t get you approved, we will be honest and up front about it.

We won’t hassle you or rush your decision; make it on your own time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone did that?

Well, we’re happy to lead the way.

Mission Statement

Buying life insurance isn’t fun. It’s not a game.

We know it’s both a serious purchase, as well as a hassle.

We’re here to simplify the process for you, give you the greatest possible chance at approval, and keep your premiums as low as humanly possible, too.

These three things can help you:

  • Simplify your purchase
  • Feel confident in your product
  • Pay the least amount

But we can do more for you!

Unhealthy? No problem.

We cover high risk applicants, as well. Think medical conditions, bankruptcies, you name it – we cover it.

Have an old policy? No problem.

We’ll help you sift through what you have and help you find something better suited to you.

This could be switching to a cheaper term, or helping you convert your term to a more permanent solution, if you need it.

We take extra steps up front and throughout the buying process to ensure you’re paired with:

  1. The proper carrier
  2. The correct product, and
  3. The best solution to meet your needs.

While some families require very simple planning, others needs something more complex, involved, and to the letter of the law.

We can handle all those cases with expert opinion and advice, and we’ll work with other professionals (like lawyers, or accountants) to make sure it’s the best it can be.

Buying life insurance isn’t a purchase like you make at a grocery store or retail outlet.

It’s an intangible product, one that protects your family, your business, or even your entire estate.

And that’s exactly how we treat it.

The Founder

Jason Fisher is the founder and CEO of BestLifeRates.org.

He graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.

Joining the life insurance industry directly after graduation, he began his career at New York Life Insurance Company, one of the nation’s highest acclaimed life insurance companies.

While there, he obtained his Series 6 and Series 63 to become a Registered Representative and become a more well-rounded advisor.

After more than three years of success, he founded his own independent agency locally in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, called Waterway Financial Group (aptly named after the beautiful Intercoastal Waterway).

His aim was to further specialize within the life insurance industry and offer a wider selection of products.

Though, even the local agency proved itself to naturally expand online and over-the-phone, leading him to launching BestLifeRates.org to help everyone across the country.

To ensure the best possible experience for everyone, he committed to creating an online-only experience to help as many consumers as possible, with as little hassle as possible – and it has been a great success.

No offices. No cubicles. No annoying in-home visits to the dinner table.

His vision is to continue to push the boundaries of the life insurance industry until he’s helped 10 million Americans.

In The News

As Jason and BestLifeRates.org have grown, numerous outlets have continued to publish and quote him and his work.

These include (but are not limited to):

and many more.

He’ll also spoke for his third year in a row at the Digital Life Insurance Agent Mastermind in Austin, Texas this past Spring.

Jason is the primary author and licensed agent at BestLifeRates.org, and has spent thousands of hours in research and writing to create the most comprehensive resource on the web.

He now resides in Anderson, South Carolina, a smaller town just south of Greenville. He is forced to deal with the local Clemson fan-base, despite being a die hard Ohio State Buckeye fan (O-H!).

He lives with his wife and strapping young sons.