American National Insurance Company (ANICO) Review

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Few companies can stand the true test of time, but this centennial insurer has made its mark and continues to do so.

In the modern industry, it’s a leader in innovation and proprietary products, making access to coverage simpler, quicker and more affordable more everyone.

Below is our review of the American National Insurance Company, a now multi-line insurer who operates nationwide.

In the life insurance market, American National (also known as ANICO) has several excellent products which can suit a wide range of individuals and families alike.

As we recommend every time, investigate the company you plan to apply with, as you’ll not only want to make sure they are strong now, but well into the future.

Let’s discuss American National, from their history to their product line, and more.

Our American National Insurance Company Review

American National Insurance Company logo

Back in 1905, ANICO got its start where it still resides today, Galveston, Texas, by a man named William Moody, Jr who was a cotton farmer with goals of a strong company to assist service men and women.

It started out with a simple model of basic insurance, and some of those same products, although updated, continue to be sold.

The company grew over the next few decades, evolving as necessary, and finding success all along the way, even through the Great Depression.

As it expanded, the company began advancing into several different states and growing its brand.

Today, it operates in a 50 states, and even in Puerto Rico and American Samoa.

More than 3,000 people are employed by American National, and 5 million people currently own a product from American National.

Financial Stability

American National is a highly rated company, earning excellent grades from both A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s, two of the most reputable rating agencies in America.

With an “A” from both, this represents ANICO as being financially strong, claims paying, and having a positive outlook moving forward into the coming years.

These ratings align them with some of the top life insurance companies currently in operation.

The company is publicly traded under the ticker symbol ANAT on the NASDAQ. Despite being a stockheld company open to the public, the majority of shares are still owned by the Moody’s, from two separate entities, the Libby Shearn Moody trust and the Moody Foundation.

The company continues to be under close watch of the Moody family, where they hold high positions and even claim seats on the board of directors.

Innovative Life Insurance Coverage

American National has many different kinds of life insurance available to you:

  1. Term
  2. Universal
  3. Whole
  4. Indexed Univeral
  5. Variable Universal
  6. Credit

Term from ANICO

Common term life insurance from American National includes many of the benefits you’d expect from a traditional term product, like:

  • 10-30 year coverage terms
  • Affordable premiums
  • Premiums which won’t go up
  • Additional benefits through riders
  • The ability to convert to permanent products

One of the top companies for no exam life insurance, ANICO sports a coverage option up to $250,000 where consumers can apply without completing a physical and still secure a policy.

While no exam life insurance options are not the norm by any means, American National has kept this innovative product available with a duration of up to 30 years for persons of certain age brackets.

This option makes ANICO very unique and continues to grow in its market share.

Universal Options

American National Life Insurance does have access to an increasingly popular product line, a universal life insurance product.

Somewhat a mix between term and whole, it allows for you to have permanent coverage, but some more flexibility than a whole life product of old.

Enjoy flexible premiums for when life throws you a curve ball, loan access in the even you need quick cash, and, of course, additional riders you can add to the policy to increase the benefits it offers.

Within the universal realm, you’ve also got products which are aimed more at accelerated growth, like the indexed and variable universal options.

Whole Life

If a term product or universal isn’t right for you, there’s a whole life option as well, which offers permanent coverage for an individual for needs with no end in sight.

These products, like the no exam term life insurance option above, can even be offered without a physical up to $150,000 in coverage.

Premiums stay the same, there is a level of guaranteed growth, and a minimum death benefit which can never go down.

An option exists for those who can’t normally obtain a fully underwritten policy due to poor health or other reasons. The policy is available for those between 50 and 80, but one can’t be turned down and can have access to as much as $25,000 in permanent coverage.

Credit Life

Not as common in the marketplace, ANICO does offer a credit life policy, which would pay a lender in the event of your untimely death.

Any outstanding balances are paid direct to the lender, based on the amount of the remaining loan. It pays in addition to the other coverage already in place.

Other Areas of Insurance

Even with much success in the life insurance industry, American National has extended its reach into other areas like annuities, health insurance, and personal lines of coverage. Among those are:


  • Fixed Deferred Annuity
  • Indexed Deferred Annuity
  • Variable Deferred Annuity
  • Single Premium Immediate Annuity

Health Related Insurances

  • Medicare Supplement
  • Supplemental Health
  • Credit Disability
  • Employer Stop Loss

Property & Casualty Insurance

  • Personal Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Agribusiness Insurance

ANICO continues to make strides to help more and more consumers find affordable insurance needs, keeping in stride of their founder’s wishes.

Having a wide range of products to help meet all the different needs of every American help to make American National a one-stop-shop for many.

Our Thoughts on ANICO

The American National Insurance Company is definitely a rising star in the life insurance industry, especially as it generates more access to policies without a medical. However, if you want faster approvals and more death benefit, you made want to read our Haven Life Insurance review first.

ANICO is also very competitively priced, making it one of the more affordable life insurance companies on the market, not just for term, but within several different product arenas.

With a wide ranges of types, it’s also fitting for most families and even business owners, making it an attractive choice for millions.

While we don’t focus much on other product lines, simply having them available from one source does add an amount of convenience which is largely unmatched by many other carriers.

American National Insurance Company (ANICO) Review

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Galveston, TX 77550

Company Name (and subsidiaries)

  • American National Life Insurance Company of New York
  • American National Life Insurance Company of Texas
  • Standard Life And Accident Insurance Company
  • Garden State Life Insurance Company



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