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A subsidiary of Global Atlantic Financial Group, Forethought is a leading provider of preneed life insurance, a unique form of final expense coverage which combines funding and planning for your funeral.

A.M. Best




Standard & Poor’s


The Good

  • Financial security
  • Solid final expense coverage
  • Additional products
  • Extensive riders

The Bad

  • Limited policy options
  • Vague policy information online
  • No online quotes
  • Lack of brand recognition

Product Availability

Policy Types
  • Indexed universal
  • Preneed
  • Accelerated death benefit
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Children’s term
  • Disability waiver of premium
  • Loan protection
  • Spouse
  • Wellness discount

Review Breakdown





Financial Strength


User Experience


Product Availability





When you’re comparing life insurance companies, one of the biggest factors to consider is cost.

The cost of your coverage will be based on factors such as your age, weight, family history, and health condition.

Each company weighs risk factors uniquely, so it’s important to look at more than just one provider.

Since Forethought doesn’t offer online quotes, it’s hard to say exactly what you’ll pay for coverage.

However, we’ve compared rates across several age groups and demographics to assess Forethought, and found that its policies are reasonably priced, though they may not be the cheapest available.

Since Forethought doesn’t offer term life insurance, you could find more affordable coverage with another company.

But if you’re looking for a preneed final expense policy, or an indexed universal life policy from Forethought’s parent company, Global Atlantic Financial Group, Forethought could offer you some value.

Financial Strength

Another factor you should seriously consider when evaluating a life insurance carrier is financial strength.

With a purchase as important as life insurance, it’s vital to choose a stable company you can count on to uphold its financial obligations.

Credit ratings are the biggest indicator of a life insurance company’s solvency, projecting the outlook of a company based on its financial performance.

Currently, Forethought has a positive rating from all four of the major agencies:

A.M. BestA
Standard & Poor’sA-

Overall, these credit rankings identify Forethought Life as a dependable insurance provider.

Global Atlantic also has $90 billion of assets under management, adding to its financial strength.

User Experience

Your life insurance company should provide you with the resources you need to research their products, apply for coverage, and address concerns with your policy.

To assess Forethought’s user experience, we’ve factored in considerations like external ratings, the company’s website, and its application process.


To evaluate how life insurance companies interact with clients, we use metrics like Better Business Bureau ratings and the annual J.D. Power Life Insurance Study.

J.D. Power ranks the top life insurance companies in the nation based on the overall satisfaction levels of their customers.

Forethought was not included in this year’s survey, but it has earned an “A-” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

This rating, paired with a low complaint index from the NAIC, suggests Forethought provides its policyholders with a solid customer experience.


Rather than having its own website, Forethought’s policy information can be found on the Global Atlantic Financial Group site.

The site features easy-to-find information like Global Atlantic’s story and financial reports, as well as basic info about its policies.

The website is thorough in its explanations of how each of its policy options work and is upfront with its indexed universal policy fees.

One shortcoming, though, is the website’s exclusion of important details like age limits or face amounts for its policies.

The site does not feature online quotes or a form for prospective clients, instead listing numbers and email addresses on its contact page.

Policyholders can download PDFs for most policy changes and make payments online.


Forethought doesn’t provide many details regarding its application process.

The application process will look different depending on the type of policy you buy.

To purchase an indexed universal life policy from Global Atlantic, you’ll need to contact a financial professional.

From there, you’ll complete an application, allow the company to access your records, and likely submit to a medical exam.

The company will then evaluate your information and determine your eligibility and rates.

You can purchase one of Forethought’s preneed policies by contacting the funeral home of your choosing.

Because they come with such a small face amount, preneed policies do not require any medical underwriting.

Product Availability

With a laser focus on securing coverage for seniors, Forethought Life specializes in preneed insurance.

If you need a more robust permanent policy, you can also purchase indexed universal coverage through Global Atlantic.

Here’s what you can expect from each type of coverage.

Indexed Universal

Forethought offers a variety of indexed universal life plans.

These permanent have offer a guaranteed death benefit, plus a tax-deferred cash value account.

Interest calculations are based on major stock market index projections, allowing policyholders to earn more interest than they would with a basic whole or universal policy.

Global Atlantic gives you three indexed universal policies to choose from:

  • Lifetime Foundation ELITE: If minimum payments are made, the death benefit could be guaranteed up to the shorter of 40 years or age 90, depending on your underwriting class.
  • Lifetime Builder ELITE: All about options, this policy offers 3 choices for policy loans and death benefits, with 6 indexing strategies.
  • Global Accumulator: For an additional fee, this policy offers buy-up options to increase your earnings.


Preneed protection is used strictly to help consumers pay for funerals and funeral-related expenses.

Unlike other final expense policies which are based on a face amount of your choosing and paid out to your loved ones, a preneed policy assigns a funeral home as your beneficiary.

With this coverage, you work with the funeral home to plan your funeral, which determines the policy amount.

These policies are advantageous if you’d like to unburden your loved ones from planning your funeral; however, your coverage will be more limited and inflexible.

If you’re unable to qualify for traditional term life insurance and want to handle all your funeral planning in advance, a preneed policy from Forethought could be a good fit.


A relatively new insurer, Forethought Life Insurance Company began in 1985 as a subsidiary of Hillenbrand Industries, a Fortune 500 company at the time.

Within the next 7 years, Forethought reached its first major milestone of more than $1 billion of insurance in force.

The company continued to grow, doubling its in-force insurance to over $2 billion by 1995.

Observing the company’s continued growth, investors in the Devlin Group led Forethought to its first independent status in 2004.

This new position allowed Forethought to become a nationwide business, helping sustain the company’s growth on a much larger scale.

In January 2014, Forethought Life Insurance Company joined the ranks of Global Atlantic Financial Group Limited as a subsidiary.

Simply known as Global Atlantic, the large, privately held conglomerate was first established in 2004 under the name Goldman Sachs Reinsurance Group.

Today, the company remains a part of Global Atlantic, which sells life insurance and annuities.

In February of 2021, KKR announced its acquisition of Global Atlantic, marking another milestone in Forethought’s journey.


Global Atlantic has expressed a passion for supporting communities across the nation.

Though the company does not provide many specifics regarding its charitable initiatives and partnerships, it does note the following contributions from last year:

  • Support of 86 organizations
  • Support of 10 local communities
  • $1 million of donations to local charities
  • 100 charitable events held

Brand Recognition

Forethought does not score high in terms of brand recognition.

Compared to industry giants who have been in business since the 1800s, Forethought is a novice.

The company is also relatively unknown due to its focus on burial policies for seniors.

Forethought and Global Atlantic have virtually no social media presence, with very little emphasis on marketing and interacting with customers online.


To round out our evaluation of Forethought Life Insurance Company, we’ve assessed the industry’s overall opinion of it.

Due its focus on senior products, lack of brand recognition, and size, Forethought isn’t often featured as one of the best life insurance companies.

However, you shouldn’t necessarily count the company out if you’re looking for indexed universal coverage or a preneed plan.

Forethought is financially stable and know for providing policyholders with a positive user experience.

The best way to determine whether or not Forethought is right for you is to get quotes and compare it to other options.

Forethought Life Insurance Company

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Company Name (and subsidiaries)

  • Global Atlantic Financial Group Limited (Parent)
  • Forethought Financial Group
  • Forethought Distributors, LLC


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