Kemper Life Insurance Review

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Finding the best life insurance to protect your loved ones can be boiled down to three easy steps.

First, you need to consider your needs and preferences.

From there, you need to research life insurance companies who meet these requirements.

One company which may be worth considering is Kemper Life Insurance.

The final step is waiting to see which companies you qualify for, and which levels of coverage they are offering you.

This step enables you to select the one with the best premium and policy limits.

Our comprehensive Kemper Life Insurance review can help you decide if you should include the company in your efforts.

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Our Kemper Life Insurance Review

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The Kemper Corporation’s roots date back to 1912, when an Illinois law mandated accident coverage for industrial workers.

Spurred on by the decision, James Kemper helped form the Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company.

A year later, he founded National Underwriters to provide fire insurance for Chicago workers.

In 1954, the company moved into life insurance with the Fidelity Life Association.

Through a series of highs, lows, acquisitions, and expansions, Kemper’s product offerings have changed over the years.

After a 1995 deal with the Zurich Insurance Group, Kemper tightened the focus of its products.

Today, the company is dedicated to protecting people by offering home, auto, health, and life insurance products.

With over 6.3 million policies now in force and more than 35 billion dollars of in-force benefits, the company is an impressive option.

Kemper employs over 30,000 agents and brokers and has more than 8,000 employees on staff committed to customer service.

Kemper is also connected with several other insurance groups, including:

  • United Insurance Company of America
  • The Reliable Life Insurance Company
  • Union National Life Insurance Company
  • Mutual Savings Life Insurance Company

Financial Strength and Ratings

In addition to learning more about Kemper’s background and operations, it’s imperative to assess its financial performance.

The company’s financial performance is promising as Kemper has $11 billion in assets.

Along with those numbers, you should consider the company’s future outlook.

When you lock into life insurance, you should be able to rest easily knowing the company will honor its financial commitment if and when it’s time for your policy to pay out.

The first place you can look to for this assurance is credit rating agencies, who score a life insurance company’s likelihood of meeting its financial obligations based on their financial performance and future outlook.

One of the most reputable credit rating agencies, A.M. Best, gives Kemper an “A-“, or excellent rating. Additionally, they have an “A-” from Fitch, “A3” from Moody’s, and have locked in an “A-” from Standard & Poor’s.

This score indicates Kemper is in wonderful financial shape and has a very stable outlook.

The Better Business Bureau provides even more insight into the company’s viability, giving the Kemper Corporation an “A+” grade.

These ratings, paired with over a hundred years in the industry, make Kemper a strong financial partner for your life insurance needs.


With its long list of insurance products, Kemper does things differently than most life insurance companies.

Kemper protects everything from your boat to your antiques to your family’s livelihood, with a wide array of policies to choose from.

This diversification has both pros and cons.

On the one hand, it gives the company a stronger financial background and a large number of assets. But it also means they don’t focus solely on life insurance.

This unfocused approach is evident in their life insurance products. The coverage offered by Kemper Life is lackluster compared to the coverage offered by other providers.

This deficiency stems from the fact that Kemper only sells no exam coverage.

No exam

While no exam policies certainly have their benefits, they tend to have higher premiums and lower policy limits.

The benefits are the dismissal of the traditionally required blood test, EKGs, and other time-consuming health examinations.

This aspect alone makes the coverage offered by Kemper Life worth consideration from anyone with a serious disease or illness.

However, a healthy, young applicant looking for the lowest rates on a large policy may want to look elsewhere.

Term Life

The first policy type offered by Kemper is term life insurance.

Details about the policy are sparse, but Kemper does state it offers term lengths of 10, 20, and 30 years.

These policies come with level premiums, so you can expect the price you lock in at the start of the term to remain the same for the duration of the policy.

Whole Life

Kemper offers flexible whole life insurance solutions as well as term life policies.

These whole life policies come with secured premiums and the potential to build up cash value in addition to the death benefit.

Along with its traditional whole life insurance policies, Kemper offers limited pay whole life policies.

Rather than paying into your policy for the rest of your life, these plans allow you to determine a timeframe in which to pay up your policy, like 20 years.

Once you’ve faithfully made payments for the predetermined length of time, your policy will remain in force with no additional payments required.

Applying for Kemper Products

Applying for life insurance from Kemper is quick and painless.

All you’re required to do is fill out a simple application.

Answer the basic questions, send it in, and you’ll receive coverage in as little as a day.

The company’s guaranteed issue policies make Kemper a good option for those denied from traditional life insurance coverage.

What We Like About Kemper

Kemper Life Insurance has a lot of features which help it stand out from the pack. Consider these strongly when shopping for the best life insurance.

These top benefits include:

  • No exam coverage: These policies allow you to skip out on medical exams and blood samples, giving you quick coverage.
  • Fast application process: These no exam policy applications take only a few moments of your time and energy.
  • Solid reputation: Kemper’s successful near-century in the business has helped solidify a stellar reputation.
  • Strong financial rating: Excellent ratings and performance make Kemper a legitimate and dependable life insurance provider.

Add up all of these benefits and it becomes clear Kemper Life is a serious contender when it comes to the best life insurance for those who don’t want to take a medical exam and only require a smaller policy.

What We Don’t Like About Kemper

Like every company, Kemper has a few downsides to consider.

  • Limited policies: Guaranteed issue whole life coverage has much lower policy limits than traditional life insurance.
  • Limited information: Kemper isn’t forthright with details regarding its policies, often encouraging interaction with an agent to get more information.

If you don’t have serious medical issues, it’s well worth it to apply to traditional providers to see what they offer before turning to Kemper Life.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to their stellar reputation, Kemper Life is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful, reputable life insurance alternative.

Their guaranteed issue whole life insurance is among the best around.

And Kemper Life nails customer service on the head. Thanks to the company’s large size, they have the resources to offer friendly, efficient customer service.

You can contact Kemper Life customer service by phone or email.

Kemper Life Insurance comes out as a strong, viable option as a guaranteed issue whole life insurance provider.

That said, you should look into traditional providers first, especially if you require a larger death benefit amount.

Kemper Life Insurance Review

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Company Name (and subsidiaries)

  • Kemper Home Service Companies
  • Life and Health Group of Kemper Corporation
  • United Insurance Company of America
  • The Reliable Life Insurance Company
  • Union National Life Insurance Company
  • Mutual Savings Life Insurance Company


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