Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company Review

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Choosing a life insurance policy shouldn’t be stressful.

Unfortunately, picking out the right plan can be a daunting task as all of the companies and policy options can be overwhelming.

Lincoln Heritage is one of several companies offering life insurance targeting a very specific need among life insurance shoppers: final expenses.

We’re here to help take the stress out of your life insurance shopping.

In this review, we’ll cover the company’s history, financial strength, and products to help you decide whether or not Lincoln Heritage is a good option for you and your family.

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Our Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company Review

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage logoLincoln Heritage was founded on the premise that losing a loved one can bring on some of the most difficult days, so claiming insurance and handling funeral details shouldn’t complicate things further.

The company dates back to 1963, when founder and Colorado-native Jack Londen left the life insurance company employing him to start his own business.

His aim was to provide families with the peace of mind they deserved, no matter their health history, considering their wellbeing over his own profits.

The company still stands by those goals, with a commitment to delivering fast claims so grieving families aren’t stuck waiting or worrying unnecessarily.

They’ve also remained a family company, with Londen’s wife and children managing the business as well.

Today, Londen’s grandchildren serve in key leadership roles in the company, carrying on their grandfather’s legacy in the service they provide to policyholders.

Lincoln Heritage is not just a life insurance company. It is what many people refer to as a burial insurance or funeral insurance company.

This distinction means they don’t just process claims but also assist families by protecting them from high funeral costs.

They also serve the community outside of their policyholders, supporting the work of organizations like Helping Hands for Freedom, the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children, and United Way through donations, volunteering, and charity events.

Financial Strength and Ratings

Based on the heartwarming story above, Lincoln Heritage appears to be a company worth considering.

While it’s certainly a great place to start, you have to look beyond the company’s history to assess its financial strength.

Credit ratings paint a picture of a company’s financial strength, measuring their ability to keep their financial commitments, in this case, by paying out policies as promised.

A.M. Best, the premier rating agency, gives Lincoln Heritage an “A-“, or Excellent, rating.

This rating is echoed in their financial performance as the company paid out more than $198 million in claims in the last year.

They also tout a high rating from the Better Business Bureau. The organization gives Lincoln Heritage an “A+“, its highest mark.

Based on their performance and ratings, Lincoln Heritage is a reliable and financially stable company you and your family can depend on.


Lincoln Heritage offers one life insurance policy, through a program they call Funeral Advantage.

We’ll take a look at it, and additional resources offered by Lincoln Heritage, below.

Final Expense

The Funeral Advantage program is designed to help families navigate through the challenges of losing a loved one, going above and beyond approving their claims.

Whereas most final expense companies simply offer a death benefit, Funeral Advantage provides your loved ones with Family Support Services, which gives you access to a representative who can help you plan the details of the funeral.

This benefit is free of charge.

Here are a few additional details about Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage:

  • Death benefit of up to $20,000
  • No medical exam required
  • Simplified online application

You can also add accidental death coverage up to $100,000.

Additional Resources

Within Lincoln Heritage’s website, customers can find tips on funeral planning and life insurance.

These tips include considerations like cremation versus burial, what to do when a loved one dies, and how to select a life insurance agent.

These articles give the company a more comfortable and personable feel and allow the customers to feel confident that Lincoln Heritage really cares.

Lincoln Heritage also offers estimations on how much a funeral or a cremation may cost.

Lincoln Heritage’s tools can help to simplify funeral planning for you and your family, arming you with the information you need to make plans.

How to Apply for Lincoln Heritage’s Final Expense Product

Lincoln Heritage does what it can to make the application process quick, easy, and painless.

To begin, you can get a quick free quote on the company’s website.

From there, the company does its best to streamline the application process so customers can enjoy the security of their coverage in as little time as possible.

The one-page application can be completed either online or over the phone with an insurance representative.

Either way, the customer service representatives are eager and happy to help customers by answering questions and setting up policies.


There’s a lot to like about Lincoln Heritage.

We’ve broken down some of the reasons you may want to work with them below:

  • Quick and easy application process: Rather than a lengthy underwriting process, Lincoln Heritage offers a quick application you can complete from the convenience of home.
  • No exam coverage: Lincoln National does not have stringent health requirements for its policies, nor does it require a medical exam.
  • Simple product: Lincoln National’s burial insurance product is straightforward and easy to obtain.
  • Family Support Services: This tool can be invaluable to grieving families, helping them to plan and execute a funeral with as little additional stress as possible.
  • Online quotes: Not all companies provide online quotes, but Lincoln Heritage does, giving you a picture of what you can expect to pay for a policy.


There are a couple of disadvantages which may deter customers from seeking life insurance from Lincoln Heritage.

  • Availability: Lincoln Heritage’s policies are not available in all 50 states, meaning you may not be able to get any coverage at all depending on where you live.
  • Demographics: While some older applicants could benefit from final expense insurance, it isn’t the best for younger policyholders.
  • Lack of products: Along those lines, Lincoln Heritage lacks the term, whole, and universal life policies most insurance shoppers are looking for.

The Verdict

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage is an excellent choice for life insurance, especially for applicants between the ages of 40 and 85.

The truth of the matter is, Lincoln Heritage cares.

They have made this very clear throughout their website, including their customer service descriptions and options.

For someone in the latter half of their life, Lincoln Heritage is a company to seriously consider.

There aren’t many life insurance companies who go out of their way to not only produce fast payouts but also to assist families throughout the funeral process.

As always, do your homework and take a few minutes to get quotes from other top providers to ensure you get the most out of your life insurance.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company Review

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