The Primerica Life Insurance Company (or Prime America)

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Primerica (also called Prime America by some) is a completely different kind of “life insurance company” when compared to the marketplace.

Unfortunately, it’s not really in a good way. If you have Primerica, or have considered their products, you may want to read this.

We do not, and will not, offer Primerica.

Instead, we only use companies who we trust.


Our Primerica (Prime America) Review

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Just an infant in the world of life insurance, Primerica (Prime America) got its start in 1977.

But their beginning is not exactly like that of any other insurance company because they aren’t just a company who offers insurance; they’re a multi-level marketing, or MLM, organization.

Their sales force may try to convince you otherwise, but it’s true. It is explicitly stated in the company prospectus.

The Truth Behind Primerica

Any agent who offers you, your family or friends a Primerica product will tout the few good things the company does have going for it. Among them, an “A+” rating by A.M. Best, an “A+” with the Better Business Bureau, or even statistics like 4 million active life insurance policies.

They may even boast about their suite of financial products to help you with everything from insurance to getting out of debt and investing.

With $675 billion of life insurance currently in force, more than 90% of life insurance claims still get paid in just two weeks.

The company philosophy is to buy a term policy, and invest the difference you save, a common attitude of many millions of middle class Americans.

All of these are true.

However, it’s all a part of a pitch to sell you an inferior product.

While they may have excellent people working for them, we can confidently say there are significantly better products available in the marketplace, and you should not do business with Primerica before seeing what the industry has to offer.

Let’s talk facts:

  • “Agent” roles as independent contractors of Primerica are first to recruit others to Primerica, and second to be your “agent.”
  • Average earnings for life representatives with Primerica are $5,613 per YEAR, which means your “agent” will likely not be around next year. Their turnover is some of the worst in the industry.
  • Your “agent” will offer you everything from pre-paid legal to their DebtWatchers program (which costs you money, ironically, and is merely a debt consolidation loan), to identity theft insurance, and more.
  • Primerica offers strictly term coverage, and it is extremely expensive. Their prices can be beat almost every time.
  • Primerica explicitly advertises themselves as the “largest financial services marketing company in North America.” They are marketers, not true financial representatives.

I don’t know about you, but as a consumer, I’d rather not have my “life insurance agent” be a person in a marketing organization who is not only trying to sell me everything except ketchup on a stick, but someone I’ll likely not have as my “agent” next year.

It’s unfortunate, too, because Primerica has excellent relationships and partnerships with some of the biggest and best life insurance companies in the United States, like AXA and Lincoln Financial Group, as well as top tier investing companies.

But you may as well go to these companies directly.

Primerica In The News

If the above information wasn’t enough, you can find more disturbing truths about Primerica in the news with a few quick searches.

Here is one, for example:

Meet Primerica, The New Wall Street IPO That’s Really A Multi-Level Marketing Scheme | Business Insider

Within the article, BusinessInsider breaks down the many different aspects of Primerica which the company and their “agents” will likely not tell you.

Among them:

  • Aggressive recruiting, resulting in nothing but revenue for the company by a vast majority of new hires
  • 11 levels, or tiers, to climb up the marketing food chain, where each level earns off the next, resulting in “agent” motives to climb the ladder for profit

So why should this side of the business bother you? It directly impacts rates for life insurance.

What you pay in premiums is partly life insurance, partly fees to keep this company up and running.

Comparing Primerica Term Life

Even if you were okay with extraordinarily high prices, you’re still getting a vastly inferior product when compared to the rest of the marketplace.

  1. You have one choice for insurance. Why should you, the consumer, not have a choice? This is a huge flaw because not every situation is the same, and different needs require different product selections.
  2. You have no option to convert. Because there is only term available, permanent life insurance is not an option; you can’t even convert what you already have. The only way to get a payout from Primerica is to die before your policy runs out.
  3. There are not benefits to the policy you can’t find somewhere else. Every other company has the same riders, whether or not they’re called the same thing.
  4. You have to be in great health, or else. If you’re unhealthy, even slightly, Primerica may not insure you. This is a very large concern because not everyone has a perfect track record of health. Many private insurers allow for high risk policies, but not Primerica.

Final Thoughts

For the cost of a Ferrari, you’re getting nothing more than a broken toy car from Primerica.

The Primerica Life Insurance Company (or Prime America)

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Company Name (and subsidiaries)

  • Primerica Financial Services, Inc.
  • Primerica Life Insurance Co. of Canada
  • National Benefit Life Insurance Co.



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