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Today we’re going to investigate one of the top life insurance carriers who specializes in a specific demographic, women. One of the few long standing insurance companies led by women, Royal Neighbors has made themselves a staple in the financial lives and betterment for women across the nation. But, they’re even more than just an insurer.

Our review of Royal Neighbors of America highlights the company’s accolades, with a focus on their life insurance arm. This account is our own opinion, and we suggest to everyone to make an educated decision on all applicable companies before making a decision by using the free quote tool in the sidebar.

Our Royal Neighbors of America Review

Royal Neighbors of America logoFor twelve decades now, Royal Neighbors of America has continued to enrich the lives of women across the country with a focus towards financial stability and protection, and helping them empower their lives through service, community, and giving back.

Royal Neighbors, founded in 1895 as a fraternal organization by eight women, is continuing to be led by women today. This is significant because not only are they keeping this focus current, but it always been the focus since they are one of the very first insurance companies to have products eligible for both women and their children.

Royal Neighbors is now approaching nearly $1 billion of assets under management, with $209 million in excess reserves. They have also surpassed the $3 billion milestone of life insurance death benefit currently in force, and almost $90 million in net income.

This has allowed Royal Neighbors of America to achieve an “A-” rating from A.M. Best, which is the 4th best rating available.

Life Insurance Products From Royal Neighbors

A nice array of life insurance products are available through Royal Neighbors including:

  • Term
  • Universal
  • Whole

Whether a consumer is young with a budding family, or looking for end of life solutions to leverage assets and pay for final expenses, Royal Neighbors has a suitable product.

Term Life

A basic term insurance policy is now available through Royal Neighbors. If all you need is a term policy, you can likely find more affordable options elsewhere, but if you’re looking for an add-on for an existing policy through Royal Neighbors, you can get coverage.

It’s a standard term life, with a level premium and level death benefit. Riders include:

  • Disability Waiver (info)
  • Accidental Death
  • Guaranteed Insurability
  • Accelerated Death Benefit (info)
  • Children’s Rider (info)
  • Cancer Waiver

Of these, the Guaranteed Insurability is pretty unique in that it allows you to buy increments of $25,000 more in coverage later in life, without going through an exam or questions. Other companies, like Mutual of Omaha, New York Life, and Northwestern Mutual have this for whole life, but generally not for term.

Universal Life

The Royal Neighbors SecureLife universal life insurance product is one of the most cost effective ways to acquire permanent coverage through this carrier. Insureds have the ability to keep premium level to keep the policy in force and growing cash, and they modify premium payments when needed as life throws its financial curve balls.

One downside of the product to consider is the 20-year no lapse guarantee, which sounds great, but is a much smaller guarantee than several comparable companies. In addition a 2% minimum crediting rate is also lower than several competitors.

Whole Life

For whole life products, there are a couple choices; there are the traditional whole life, the simplified issue whole life, and the single premium whole life options.

Consumers can enjoy the benefits of whole life, like permanent coverage, level premiums, and cash value growth, with several options to pay. One can opt to complete payments in 20 years, pay only to age 65, or pay a lower level premium for as long as they live.

One can also get approved for whole life without a medical exam for both a simplified level product and a graded product to cover final expenses, all without the hassle of the typical examination requirements.

The maximum death benefit available for these is $25,000, and payout may not be immediate depending on the product chosen.

Lastly, Royal Neighbors also has a single premium whole life option in the event an applicant chooses to pay the entire premium up front, with the intent to immediately leverage the current cash they have for a greater value in the future. This also provides a way for the insured to pass their estate in a more tax advantaged way.

Final Thoughts

Royal Neighbors of America is a long standing, financially stable, and trustworthy organization. Their unique company structure allows them to focus more of their efforts on their clients, as opposed to meeting the needs of external commitments first.

They have recently hit the market with an affordable term product, one they previously lacked, and they definitely can meet the needs of many other consumers and families with the permanent products they offer. A much more rounded company than years past, Royal Neighbors is staging themselves for future growth.

The Royal Neighbors of America

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