Cincinnati Life Insurance Company Review

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One of the most affordable life insurance companies is The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company.

If you’re looking for a super cheap term life insurance policy, there are just a handful of carriers who come even close Cincinnati, but this isn’t the only good thing about them.

They’re also known for superior customer service.

As with all of our reviews, make sure you truly inspect the insurer you’re purchasing from.

Our review of The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company is ultimately our opinion, and there are more than 50 other highly reputable companies for you to choose from. To get quotes, please use the quote tool on this page.

Our Cincinnati Life Insurance Company Review

The Cincinnati Insurance Company was founded in 1950 by four independent insurance agents in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Now located in Fairfield, Ohio and run by CEO Steven Johnston, The Cincinnati Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Cincinnati Financial Corporation, which operates through a number of insurance and financial services subsidiaries.

The Cincinnati Insurance Company itself operates through a few subsidiaries, including Cincinnati Life Insurance, who we’ll be focusing on.

Cincinnati Life puts a great deal of focus on the quality of its associates and representatives.

It is the company’s goal not only to provide excellent customer service, but to help people who are struggling financially as the result of a loss.

With around 3,000 associates and over 800 local claims associates, The Cincinnati Life Insurance aims to provide individualized attention to its clients in order to meet their needs with specificity and care, focusing on independent representatives in order to build long-term relationships with the company’s clients.

This means reps act quickly to handle claims and take their customers’ needs and requests very seriously.

And in addition to local, individual representatives with this level of attentiveness, the company provides clients with a 24/7 customer service line as well.

These features combine to provide a great value for the price of Cincinnati’s services.

Financial Strength

Cincinnati Life Insurance’s parent company, The Cincinnati Insurance Company, enjoys a number of strong third-party ratings, indicating the company’s financial future will likely be strong.

However, we’ll be focusing on just Cincinnati Life, who does have slightly different ratings.

Ranked by three of the four major rating agencies, Cincinnati was able to secure an “A+” from A.M Best, an “A+” from Fitch, and, finally, an “A+” from Standard & Poor’s.

These are excellent ratings, putting the insurer among the top 20% of all carriers based on ratings according to their Comdex score of 88.

In addition to the confidence of four independent, third-party organizations, Cincinnati Financial Corporation has been praised by Forbes for its commitment to ethical practices, ranking among the publication’s list of “America’s 50 Most Trustworthy Financial Companies in 2015.”

This was the fifth consecutive year Forbes recognized the company in this way.


The company provides no medical examination life insurance policies, disability income coverage, and annuities.

There are a number of competitive products worth mentioning here.


If you haven’t read our article detailing term insurance more thoroughly, be sure to check it out.

For now, we’ll just remind you term insurance can provide a great deal of coverage for very affordable premiums.

They’re ideal for people who want to make sure if they pass away within a given time frame, specific and temporary expenses such as car loans, college tuition or a mortgage will be paid off.

Term coverage may last anywhere from 10 to 30 years with Cincinnati Life Insurance.

Whole Life

Cincinnati Life Insurance’s whole life policy is called LifeHorizons Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance.

It does not expire and accumulates cash value the policyholder is entitled to borrow against or surrender for cash.

LifeHorizons Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance is ideal for a number of needs, including estate conservation, business continuation, and increased ability to make charitable contributions to churches or non-profits.

In addition, Cincinnati term policies can be converted to LifeHorizons Guaranteed Whole Life at manageable rates without new evidence of insurability.


Cincinnati Life Insurance also offers a competitive universal life policy called LifeHorizon Simplicity Life Insurance. Premiums and benefits are flexible with the universal life policy, and this policy will also accumulate tax-deferred cash value.

Other Products

While some insurance companies offer disability income as a rider to their life insurance policies, Cincinnati offers standalone LifeHorizon Disability Income Insurance.

This policy is designed to protect individuals and families who depend upon one’s ability to work.

If the breadwinner suffers a long-term disability which prevents him/her from earning an income, Disability Income insurance will take care of it.

Cincinnati Life also provides competitive annuities with no surprise fees.

These options are called the LifeHorizons Single Premium Deferred Annuity and the Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity.

The company guarantees neither policy will be subject to an increase in premiums or interest rates while in effect.


Nothing is ever perfect, but the downsides are limited, making it attractive, still.

  • Age Restriction – Many companies will issue policies well beyond the age of 60, but this is the cutoff for standard, non-medical exam policies with Cincinnati. If applicants between the ages of 61-75 want coverage, a urinalysis is needed.
  • Lengthy Underwriting Process – As you may have read in some of our other reviews, some no medical exam companies can approve applicants within 48 hours. Cincinnati examines similar data (prescription database records, MVR, and MIB information) but may take 3-8 weeks, or even longer.


While no medical exam policies can be more efficient elsewhere, it’s hard to beat Cincinnati Life Insurance Company’s customer service and premiums.

With Cincinnati, you’re getting a company with strong finances, a solid commitment to ethical behavior, and individualized attention from an independent, often-local representative.

Cincinnati Life Insurance Company Review

(800) 783-4479
6200 S. Gilmore Road
Fairfield, OH 45014

Company Name (and subsidiaries)

  • The Cincinnati Insurance Companies (Parent)
  • The Cincinnati Indemnity Company
  • The Cincinnati Casualty Company
  • The Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance Company



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