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United Home Life Insurance Company is a smaller life insurance carrier fulfilling the needs of a more focused or niche demographic.

While their target market is a bit different than most insurance providers, they do offer a variety of straightforward products which prove a good fit for a select few.

If you’re curious about what United Home Life has to offer, or want to learn more about the carrier’s history, continue reading.

Like all of our other reviews, this United Home Life Review is based on our own opinion.

The review is also based on our own in-depth experience as independent insurance agents, using the company’s products and independent financial ratings from top credit rating agencies as our baseline of information.

Let’s dig into the details, shall we?

Our United Home Life Insurance Company Review

United Home Life Insurance Company logo

Following the Great Depression, one of the hardest economic times in the history of the United States, a new insurance company by the name of United Farm Family Life Insurance emerged.

After being established in 1937, it was only 11 years later in 1948 when United Home Life was born.

These two insurance companies, both still in existence today, are focused on quality life insurance products in a few select niches.

While they aren’t a powerhouse provider like many of the massive carriers on our best life insurance companies list for 2019, they serve a definitive purpose in the life insurance industry.

Combined, both United Farm Family Life and United Home Life have more than $20 billion of life insurance currently on the books.

For over 70 years, United Home Life continues to offer superior life insurance products for those needing a simplified product in a market with increasing demand.

Financial Ratings

One way to determine if a life insurance company is worth your while is to review their current financial ratings from top ratings agencies.

These financial ratings are indicative of solvency, claims paying ability, and the overall stability of a company.

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, United Home Life was affirmed as an “A-” by A.M. Best, which is the fourth highest rating a company can achieve.

United Farm Family Life, its parent, has been rated an “A,” which is the third highest rating offered by this premier rating agency.

Additionally, United Home Life was given an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Both United Farm Family Life and United Home Life boast a combined $2 billion in assets.

Why Choose United Home Life?

As noted previously, the insurance products United Home Life offers serve a direct purpose for a smaller demographic, and their position among the elite no exam life insurance companies is in one of those areas.

United Home Life aims to help consumers choose the best products to meet their insurance needs. Their products range from simplified issue and graded to guaranteed issue underwriting styles.

For any applicants currently in poor health or suffering from minor health issues, there are no medical exams required to be issued coverage from United Home Life.

This attractive feature does apply to all of their life insurance products. United Home Life guarantees simplified coverage in as little as 3-5 business days.

Many of United Home Life’s insurance offerings can be customized to fit clients’ needs without the hassle of undergoing any medical exams.

There are also a handful of riders and benefits that can be added, often free of charge, to a policyholder’s base life insurance policy.

When you work with United Home Life, you can take advantage of not only their certified independent insurance agents, but also a helpful and informed home office staff.

Insurance Products

United Home Life proudly offers the following types of life insurance:

  • Term Life
  • Whole Life
  • Accidental Death Benefit Coverage
  • Insulin-Dependent Coverage for Diabetics

Term Life

When it comes to term life insurance, policyholders can purchase affordable coverage for a specific “term” in exchange for paying premiums. This means that the insured is guaranteed coverage and a death benefit for beneficiaries as long as premiums are paid.

United Home Life offers four simplified term products: the Simple Term 20, the Simple Term 30, the Simple Term 20 ROP, and the Simple Term 20 DLX. 

The number after the product name simply represents how long the guaranteed period is on the policy.

Generally, after the level period, term life insurance premiums increase on an annual basis until the policy expires (typically when the insured reaches age 95).

However, the Simple Term 20 ROP is different than the other three products because it offers a return of premium.

In simple terms, return of premium pays back the funds you paid to own the policy in the first place, but only if you keep the policy in force the full 24o months.

All of these products feature a variety of optional riders and benefits to choose from, ranging from the Accidental Death Benefit Rider to the Child Rider.

Some are available at no cost to you, the policyholder.

Whole Life

Unlike term life, permanent life insurance involves three very distinct features:

  1. A guaranteed death benefit that will not decrease in value
  2. Insurance premiums that will not increase over time
  3. Cash value accumulation that builds with time (granted that premiums are paid)

United Home Life’s simplified whole life offerings, ranging from the Express Issue Premier and the Express Issue Deluxe to the Provider and the Express Issue Whole Life (EIWL), give clients access to more permanent policies.

Again, this is made possible without requiring any form of medical exam.

But, applicants may need to complete a short health questionnaire or agree to a short phone interview before being issued any form of coverage.

Each of these products sport an immediate death benefit, which means you will need to be in at least a decent state of health when applying.

If health is a concern, but not a major issue, you may need to utilize their graded option, the Express Issue Whole Life. With this product, you’ll have a two-year graded benefit.

If your health is so restricted you still can’t qualify for United Home Life’s graded product, you can use their guaranteed product at a higher premium, called the Guaranteed Issue Whole Life.

Like the graded choice, immediate payout is not available, and a three-year waiting period is attached to this option.

All of these products feature a variety of optional riders and benefits to choose from, ranging from the Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider to the Child Rider. Some are available at no cost to you, the insured.

Accidental Death Benefit Coverage

United Home Life’s version of this coverage is called Protector AD. This form of coverage is ideal for whole life policyholders who have dangerous occupations or must commute to work.

Attached to a smaller whole life policy as an Accidental Death Benefit Rider, this form of coverage includes not only level insurance premiums, but premiums set in stone for 20 years when paid in a timely manner.

Even though the insured will experience increasing premiums on an annual basis, the Protector AD offers an attractive return of premium similar to the Simple Term 20 ROP. 

Applicants must only answer one question during the underwriting process, and it’s not even health-related.

Insulin-Dependent Coverage for Diabetics

For any qualified insulin-dependent applicants, United Home Life offers an immediate death benefit that goes in force during policy origination.

Both the Express Issue Deluxe Whole Life and the Simple Term 20 DLX are specifically designed to provide needed coverage for policyholders requiring insulin treatments due to a diabetes diagnosis.

Final Thoughts on United Home Life

For individuals wanting to avoid a medical exam when applying for coverage, United Home Life may end up being a serious contender.

While they certainly aren’t the best priced or the most affordable for many term products, their graded and guaranteed rates rival those of Gerber and Fidelity for many different age groups.

Even if you’ve never heard their name or brand before reading this review, we would highly suggest you take a look at United Home Life in more detail.

You’ll secure a solid product from a solid life insurance company offering great value and peace of mind whenever the unexpected occurs.

With life insurance made simple with United Home Life, you know you’re in good hands.

United Home Life Insurance Company Review

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