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Life Insurance With Arthritis: A Buyer’s Guide

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Looking to discover your options for life insurance with arthritis but can’t seem to find the answers you’re looking for?

Are you searching for an immediate and affordable life insurance policy that can be personally customized to your satisfaction?

Buying life insurance with arthritis is easier than you may think.

Most carriers will consider it a mild to high risk life insurance policy, but this won’t mean it should be any extra work for you. We’ll do it for you.

Finding the perfect fit is what we’re here for.

Living with arthritis is already difficult enough; let us make your life easier by reading the fine print for you.

Get Life Insurance With Arthritis Of Any Kind

life insurance with arthritisApproximately 1 in 10 adults will deal with arthritis in their lifetime. Even children can develop arthritis.

It has a widespread impact, and ranges from mild to debilitating.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), arthritis is classified as one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in the United States.

As a result, it’s likely you know or work with someone who understands first-hand the realities of arthritis pain on a daily basis.

Ranging in severity from acute to even debilitating, arthritis is generally defined by medical professionals as the painful inflammation of musculoskeletal joints and sometimes tissues.

Arthritis has a widespread impact on individuals of all ages with varying levels of health. Environmental and genetic factors may also play a role in whether some individuals develop arthritis or not.

Life insurance companies understand this, and they are used to offering coverage for people who suffer from many different types of arthritis.

But, as a consumer, you need to understand what your options are, where you’ll find the cheapest policy, and how to go about getting approved.

They are familiar with calculating how various forms of arthritis could impact a  consumer’s life insurance premiums, or even the likelihood of being approved for certain life insurance policies.

For example, disclosing debilitating arthritis pain may very well prompt some underwriters to more strictly rate your level of risk.

In this type of situation, the consumer should locate a reliable carrier that can accurately estimate how your current arthritic condition will impact insurance premium benefits or probability of approval.

As a direct consumer, though, you need to understand what your options are, where you’ll find the cheapest, most dependable policy, and the nuts and bolts of the approval process.

Know Your Type

There are several different types and more than one level of severity when it comes to arthritis, and life insurance rates will be impacted by both factors. Begin by finding out your exact type of arthritis.

To be prescribed and follow through with the best treatment plan, it’s crucial that your doctor or trusted medical professional properly diagnoses your arthritis type.

Learn more about different forms of arthritis by examining the list below:

Acute Arthritis

Acute arthritis is, as the name implies, a short term bout with arthritis, usually due to injury, infection.

Symptoms are slight, can be controlled with basic medication or treatment, and it will dissipate entirely over time.


Osteoarthritis is what many older individuals experience. Also referred to as hypertrophic or degenerative arthritis, it tends to worsen over time.

Anyone may develop mild to severe osteoarthritis, although those who are overweight or have sustained injury are more prone.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

A harsher form of arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis is a localized condition, primarily in the spine, lower neck, or tailbone.

Higher on the severity scale, it can be a painful and immobilizing type of arthritis, with symptoms quite similar to rheumatoid arthritis. This form is not limited by age.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a very harsh form of chronic arthritis, affecting tens of millions of Americans.

Rheumatoid arthritis may develop abruptly or over time, however most individuals will experience many symptoms within five years, and some are unable to work after a decade.

Rapid weight loss, running a fever, and developing anemia or anemic symptoms are common ailments.

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

As the name implies, it is the version of rheumatoid arthritis affecting children under the age of 18; even infants can be impacted by JRA, also called Still’s Disease.

The earlier age of onset, the greater chance of disability or developmental difficulties.

Although many younger persons could improve, several experience lifelong impairments of some kind.

Ratings You Can Expect

It’s important to realize that each person will see varying results when it comes to receiving favorable ratings.

Underwriting also consists of many, many variables that must be taken into account when gauging consumer ratings.

Your past health, current health, and family history will all play a role in determining what risk classification you’ll get.

You could even be denied.

In some cases you could be denied standard premium rates or even life insurance coverage in general.

So, what health-related factors are underwriters looking for when evaluating someone for life insurance with arthritis?

The list below highlights major health factors most highly considered:

  1. Your current age
  2. Your age at initial diagnosis
  3. Your type of arthritis
  4. Your affected tissues (joints, bones, other)
  5. Your relapse history (if any)
  6. Your treatment history (if any)
  7. Your medications
  8. Your management plan
  9. Your height and weight
  10. Your family history

Make sure you’re prepared to fully and accurately answer any of the items featured above.

Insurance companies need this information to piece together a holistic summation of your medical history and any potential health risks.

There are also other factors which may or may not come into play, such as whether or not you smoke (or have in the past), whether or not you have a criminal or impaired driving record, and more.

Considering all these aspects, one could potentially get rated as high as a Preferred class with arthritis.

This rating would be reserved for those with relapsed or extremely mild cases of arthritis.

Anyone diagnosed with a more serious form of arthritis, such as rheumatoid, will not receive better than a Standard.

For moderate to severe cases, a rated policy or potential decline could be given.

The most serious cases may need to use a graded or guaranteed life insurance product, meaning the type of policy which has relaxed or no underwriting.

This might sound like the most viable option, but it will be more expensive and death benefit amounts available to you will be lower.

Bottom Line

We always suggest going through before choosing any of these policies, unless your agent is certain there is no alternative.

Your arthritis pain doesn’t define you, and shouldn’t adversely impact your life insurance options or likelihood of approval.

Understanding your unique situation and what may be made available to you is the first step toward determining and ultimately choosing the best life insurance policy for those diagnosed with arthritis.

When possible, work with an agent who understands the intricacies of your health situation and participates in research and negotiation to locate a policy as unique as you are.

Realistic expectations followed up by expert advice will help guide you toward the perfect policy that checks off all the right boxes.

Have more questions than answers?

Feel free to contact us for more information.


Jason Fisher

Jason Fisher is the founder and CEO of, LLC. and a multi-state licensed life insurance agent who has helped over a million Americans seek out affordable coverage, compare quotes, or get their family and businesses covered.

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