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Finding life insurance after encephalitis is relatively simple as long as you can provide proper documentation. If your bout with Encephalitis meets a few easy conditions, you can expect great ratings which means great prices, too.

We have great familiarity in dealing with many different health conditions. We utilize most of the major, reputable life insurance companies to ensure you not only have the easiest application process possible, but you get successfully approved.

Even if another company has already said “No” to you, we may still be able to help you. Every situation is unique, but we’ll always do our best to get you the results you need to protect your family.

Continue reading below to find out more about encephalitis, its risk to an insurance company, and how you can set yourself up for the best chance of getting a life insurance policy.

Life Insurance After Encephalitis

Life Insurance After Encephalitis

Most consumers aren’t familiar with what encephalitis is until they, or a family member, have dealt firsthand with encephalitis. Knowing what it is and what kind of symptoms and complications can occur will also help you have a better idea of how an insurance company views it as it pertains to risk. As you may know, the higher risk you are perceived to be, the higher premiums insurance will cost you. Buying life insurance after encephalitis is no different.

Here’s a little more information about encephalitis, according to WebMD:

Encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain tissue, is rare, affecting about one in 200,000 people each year in the U.S.

When it strikes, it can be very serious, causing personality changes, seizures, weakness, and other symptoms depending on the part of the brain affected.

Children, the elderly, and those with a weak immune system are most vulnerable. The disease is usually caused by one of several viral infections, so it’s sometimes referred to as viral encephalitis.

Many people who have encephalitis fully recover. The most appropriate treatment and the patient’s chance of recovery depend on the virus involved and the severity of the inflammation.

The last paragraph is the most key: “Many people who have encephalitis fully recover.” This is also the key to underwriting when applying for life insurance after encephalitis. The only way to obtain life insurance after encephalitis is to fully recover from it! The good news is, because most people recover, most become eligible. Those who do not recover from the episode of encephalitis will be turned down for traditional life insurance policies and be forced to use a guaranteed issue type of life insurance.

If you are fully recovered, life insurance after encephalitis is available at Standard or better rates! You’ll still need proper documentation, especially if your doctor can site exactly what caused the inflammation in the first place. If it was an infection which was treated with medication or just time recuperating, you’ll have the best opportunity of being approved.

But, before you apply: you might need to wait 6 months to a year until the insurance company will consider you! You’ll need to talk with an independent agent, like us, who can tell you which carriers allow you to apply at what time. All carriers can vary greatly.

What about situations where the encephalitis created complications or symptoms?

If you dealt with a case of encephalitis where the recovery wasn’t straightforward, you may find it slightly more difficult to get approved at Standard. Here are some complications which may be of concern to an underwriter, which could ultimately affect your ratings:

While encephalitis is rare, the causes tend to be viral in nature in the vast majority of cases. If, however, your doctor has determined it’s been caused from something else, you’ll be subject to the underwriting guidelines of the underlying cause. For example, if it was due to cancer or tumors, you would have to subscribe to the underwriting practices of those health concerns in addition to those of encephalitis.

If you need assistance in getting an accurate quote or help with applying for life insurance after encephalitis, we’re here to be a resource to you. Lean on our expertise and experience to make sure your time is well spent; the big brands won’t give you the time and effort you really need to get the best policy.


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