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Mitral Valve Prolapse

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Shopping for life insurance with mitral valve prolapse does not need to be a painstaking process, and getting preferred rates  for a life insurance policy is possible. In many cases we are able to help those looking for life insurance with mitral valve prolapse to find standard life insurance rates, and in some cases preferred rates. Since mitral valve prolapse is the most common heart valve condition it is something we are very familiar in working with. This gives us a leg up on the competition since we know which companies will give the best chance at competitive premiums when searching for life insurance with mitral valve prolapse.

When beginning your search for life insurance with mitral valve prolapse it is important you understand life insurance carriers will consider you to be high risk, but it is not generally a condition which will force you to be declined for a traditional life insurance policy. Many people think they need a guaranteed issue policy for life insurance with mitral valve prolapse, but they can qualify for traditional life insurance which requires a medical exam, but will save you a considerable amount of money.

Factors Regarding Life Insurance With Mitral Valve Prolapse

Before we start the underwriting process with any medical condition, we like to get the best details regarding your condition as we can. As for mitral valve prolapse we need information contained on your EKG. If you do not know all of the specifics regarding your condition it is ok, but it is helpful to know any medication you are taking and whether or not your mitral valve prolapse is under control. Like many medical conditions it will depend directly upon the exact disorder which you have, how severe it is, and any other medical complications which you be experiencing.

If you are just experiencing something such as regurgitations than you still may be able to qualify for preferred life insurance rates. Life insurance carriers will worry most about multiple issues such as regurgitation coupled with mitral stenosis. The statistics show mitral valve prolapse also makes heart attacks and heart disease more likely. The more underlying issues, the more chance you have for a lesser rating, but even those with more advanced case will still be able to qualify for different types of life insurance policies.

Underwriting Life Insurance With A Mitral Valve Prolapse

Before we submit an application to a carrier when the potential client has an medical conditions, such as mitral valve prolapse, we do a full fact-finder to be sure we are assigning you with the best company and policy. This is especially important for life insurance with mitral valve prolapse since carrier underwriting requirements can vary greatly. This could cause you to save, or lose, money on your premiums. Some of the most common questions we would ask to get an idea of your life insurance rating could include:

  • Date diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse?
  • Specific type of mitral valve prolapse? (Regurgitation, Stenosis, Prolapse)
  • When last stenosis report was done? And result?
  • Was surgery necessary?
  • Any other medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, coronary artery disease?
  • Medications currently taking?

Your accurate responses to these questions will give us an idea of which type of policy you can qualify for. If we have any questions regarding your rating, then we will reach out to multiple company underwriters in order to receive tentative offers. This information will be given to you before you apply to avoid any surprises in premium later on.

Our goal is to find you affordable life insurance with mitral valve prolapse which meets your goals of life insurance protection. The best way to get started is to give us a call to speak with an experienced agent who will walk you through every step of the process. If you are looking for quotes we would be happy to provide those for you as well.


Jason Fisher

Jason Fisher is the founder and CEO of, LLC. and a multi-state licensed life insurance agent who has helped over a million Americans seek out affordable coverage, compare quotes, or get their family and businesses covered.

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