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Life Insurance For Active Duty Military

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Life insurance for active duty military personnel is an interesting topic, and can get quite in depth. Most armed forces members take the benefits offered through service member organizations, but stop there. This could be detrimental to your family’s future.

Buying life insurance is one of the most important decisions you may make in your financial life. If you’re in the military, you may have experienced difficulty obtaining life insurance. Your role may include inherent job risks which have caused some life insurance companies to turn you away, or drastically hike your rates.

Providing for your family in case of your death should not be a hassle. Military personnel should be able to have peace of mind knowing if they suffer a fatality while at work or otherwise, their family will be covered.

We feel your frustration. We can help you find the best coverage which is appropriate for your needs and rewards you for your service and bravery.

Better Life Insurance for Military Personnel

Many life insurance policies include an exclusion for war or acts of terrorism. This means you may not be covered if your death is caused during combat or a terrorist attack. However, those are the very reasons why many military personnel seek life insurance in the first place.

About 1.3 million Americans serve in the armed forces. This includes those who serve in the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines. These individuals face dangerous combat and travel situations. Because of this, it’s especially important they include life insurance in their financial planning.

Some life insurance companies work specifically with military personnel. Those companies understand the ins and outs of military service and may be more likely to provide you with appropriate coverage. Our experienced life insurance agents can connect you with a policy which provides the security you need.

Some of the issues which arise for people in the military who are seeking life insurance are:

  • War exclusion – Some companies will not cover death during combat.
  • Aviation exclusion – Does not cover death from airplane or helicopter accidents.
  • Terrorism exclusion – Does not cover fatalities which occur during terrorist acts.
  • Severe injury – Some life insurance companies will provide coverage for debilitating injuries.
  • Accelerated review – Find out if the insurance company will expedite your application if you are being deployed.
  • Return to civilian life – Life insurance coverage for people serving in the military will typically increase when you return to civilian life. Some will even waive the medical exam for veterans seeking to continue coverage.

Life insurance which is made exclusively for people who serve in the armed forces typically addresses these concerns in a way which is appropriate for their families.

How to Obtain A Policy

Different life insurance policies for the many branches and types of military personnel vary widely.

Some are term life insurance policies, and others offer whole life insurance. Term policies typically pay out a flat sum in case of the policyholder’s death. Whole life insurance is more like an investment and involves more complex scenarios over a long period of time. Premiums may change based on your age and health.

Before you buy a life insurance policy, you should ask the insurance agent questions about how the provider will take care of matters associated with deployment. While you’re deployed, it may be difficult to pay your premiums by the deadline. In addition, you may need to address the procedure for renewing the policy if you’re deployed.

  1. You may need to renew early or set up automatic payments.
  2. You may need to delay specific coverage while you’re deployed.

Your insurance company will typically look at your payment history as one factor to come up with a rate and determine your eligibility. If you let your coverage expire or don’t make payments on time, you may find it difficult to obtain coverage in the future.

What to Expect

Many soldiers will have to select life insurance based on their medical status. Injured veterans who do not qualify for life insurance anywhere else will have to select a policy which does not require a medical examination. Soldiers who are young and in excellent health may wish to secure a policy requiring a medical exam. This may allow them to lock in better rates in case they become sick or injured later on.

SGLI offers term life insurance for the member of the armed forces, the spouse and dependents. Benefits go up to $400,000 for military personnel. Additional coverage can be purchased in the case of traumatic injury. There is no war zone exclusion. Premiums for this type of policy remain constant regardless of your age or medical history. A medical exam is unnecessary.

VGLI covers retirees. Individuals can convert an SGLI policy to VGLI upon retirement. However, the maximum benefits will only go as high as the coverage amount which was purchased during active duty. If the policy is converted within 120 days of retirement, prior health conditions will not be factored into the policy. VGLI premiums increase with age.

AAFMAA provides term and whole life insurance policies. Allowable benefits may pay out up to $1,000,000. There are no exclusions for fatalities which occur because of war, terrorist acts, aviation or deployment. If you’re looking for coverage exceeding $100,000, your premium will be determined by your branch of service, age, gender and medical status.

In Conclusion

If you’re in the military, it may benefit you to invest in life insurance coverage while you’re young. Premiums for most policies increase with age, so costs only ever increase. This is especially important if you’re purchasing whole life coverage, though it’s not as common as a policy type as it used to be.

Your benefits also depend on your family needs. Your needs as a single military member will be lower than if you’re married or have children or dependents. If you’re using whole life insurance as a financial planning tool, your marital status may not come into play.

Selecting a life insurance policy to protect your loved ones can be confusing if you’re in the military. Special considerations aren’t often addressed by traditional insurance plans may apply to you. Your best option may be to invest in a life insurance program which is designed for individuals who serve in the armed forces. We can help you find the best option for your needs so you don’t fall short when you need coverage the most.


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