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5 Seriously Stupid Myths About Buying Life Insurance If You Smoke Marijuana

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Far too many marijuana users are still hesitant about buying life insurance.

The reason is because you likely have one or more misconceptions about life insurance with marijuana use.

Let’s cut to the chase here:

  1. You don’t have to pay smoker rates (big savings!)
  2. You don’t have to get tested for THC
  3. You will not be treated the same for recreational and medicinal
  4. You can get the same discounts as non-smokers
  5. Nobody is telling the police

There. Simple as that.

The truth is, most life insurance companies don’t even really care all that much; they just need to know up front.

Don’t be afraid or have a single concern when it comes to buying life insurance if you use marijuana.

Lots of pot smokers get coverage every single day; if you get denied, it’s not because of marijuana use, guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter if you use marijuana recreationally or for medicinal purposes, or whether you live in a state where marijuana is legal or isn’t legal; your rights and ability to buy life insurance are treated the same in every state and territory.

myths about buying life insurance while smoking weed

Times have changed dramatically.

Where some companies used to deny a person a life insurance policy strictly because of marijuana use, it’s pretty much unheard of now.

More and more life insurance companies now approve applications for those who use marijuana (the vast majority, actually), and many even throw out non-smoking rates.

A small handful of life insurance companies can even be considered to be especially “marijuana friendly” by offering discounted rates (and we’ll let you know who they are).

Anyway, here are the five most common myths lies which the media says will prevent many marijuana users from applying for life insurance.

Those who were reluctant to buy life insurance and use marijuana because of any or all of these myths can now get the financial safety net that life insurance provides.

Myth 1 –  All Marijuana Users Are Charged Smoker Rates

Not true.

It’s easy to see why you might be reluctant to apply for life insurance if you wrongly assume you will pay smoker rates for life insurance.

Smoker’s rates are generally 2-4x more than what non-smokers pay for a policy. It is also true there are many life insurers charge smoker rates for any kind of marijuana use.

It doesn’t matter to them if you smoke, vape or eat marijuana.

However, not all life insurers are the same.

Keep this in mind.

There are a handful of companies who are very lenient for occasional marijuana use.

These few companies will assess you as a Non-Smoker for occasional marijuana use on a weekly basis. Using the right company will help you save a lot of money on life insurance with marijuana use.

You can find companies which offer Non-Smoker rates for those who use marijuana as much as 5-6x per week.

This applies to a vast number of marijuana users who only smoke occasionally and infrequently.

The trick in finding these marijuana friendly companies is to always use an independent life insurance agent (ahem, like us…). This is the best route to take because we know which companies will give you non-smoker rates.

You should also know that some marijuana users ingest marijuana. This can be in the form of:

  • edible marijuana
  • sprays
  • tinctures, or
  • balms

Some life insurers take this into account.

And, even if you use marijuana more frequently, the rates for smokers can vary significantly from company to company. Here again, an independent life insurance agent can help you find those lowest rates.

Myth 2 – All Life Insurers Test for THC During a Life Insurance Exam

Not true.

Although many life insurers will test for THC using a urine/blood test, this does not apply to every life insurance company.

There are a handful of marijuana friendly life insurance companies who will simply accept what you tell them on your application form. These companies will not test for THC content.

However, it’s important you never lie on your application form.

Always be truthful.

If the life insurer finds you lied on your application form, then it’s possible the policy could be cancelled or the life insurance claim could be denied.

Now, like we just mentioned, there are also a few companies who do not even ask about marijuana use at all on their application forms. However, these companies tend to charge more for a policy.

Talk to us to find out who.

Myth 3 – Recreational and Medical Marijuana Card Marijuana Users Are Treated All the Same

Not true.

Those who use marijuana recreationally and those who use marijuana with a medical marijuana card are underwritten quite differently.

The reason for using marijuana is for quite different purposes.

Recreational marijuana users do so for pleasure. They are generally rated for smoker or non-smoker rates, depending on frequency of use.

Those who use marijuana with a medical marijuana card do so to treat a particular medical condition.

It’s not the marijuana use which is of concern to the life insurance company with a medical marijuana card. The concern is the medical condition itself the insurer wants to know about.

Marijuana medical card users will be asked to provide much greater detail about the medical condition for which they have been prescribed marijuana.

Not all medical conditions are treated the same, either.

There are many minor, non-life threatening medical conditions which will have little or no bearing on the rates you are assessed.

More serious medical conditions will impact how you are underwritten.

It will depend on the following:

  • The type and seriousness of the medical condition
  • When the condition was diagnosed
  • The status of the medical condition (stable or non-stable)
  • Methods and frequency of medical care
  • Prognosis of the medical condition
  • Hospitalization, surgeries, and medication prescribed

Serious medical conditions recently diagnosed will likely be declined or put on hold. The life insurer will want a better picture on the progression of the disease.

An underwriter will want to know if the condition is stable and under control.

Every medical condition will be underwritten differently. There are around 16 underwriting rating classifications that may be considered.

Keep in mind… every life insurer rates each medical condition differently.

These different ratings can affect your premiums quite significantly.

You also have the option of looking at no medical life insurance policies which do not require an exam  at all. They only ask a few health questions.

Those with serious health issues can still qualify for a guaranteed issue form of life insurance policy; in other words, you cannot be turned down.

This is another reason to always use an independent life insurance agent, like us. We understand these different underwriting guidelines and can save you a lot of money.

Still with us?

Myth 4 – You Can’t Get the Lowest Premiums If You Use Marijuana

Not true at all.

There are a handful of companies who will offer the best rates for those who use marijuana just once a month or less.

This includes “Preferred Best Non-Smoker” and “Preferred Non-Smoker” rates which are the 2 best discounted rates possible, period.

This presumes you are in excellent health and have no family history of health issues.

Myth 5 – Life Insurers Will Tell Police About Marijuana Use in States Where Marijuana is Illegal

Absolutely not true.

Just.. no.

Nothing but fear here, and it’s all wrong.

Every stage of the life insurance application process is completely confidential. This applies to every state and territory.

Your right of complete confidentiality is protected by federal law. This law applies to all states where marijuana is not legal, too.

This Federal statute is known as the HIPPA law (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

This law requires complete confidentiality and covers all privacy standards. Any health information you provide to your agent, health practitioner or life insurer is completely private.

The HIPPA law of complete confidentiality also includes your spouse and your employer.

Bottom Line:

If you’ve been putting off buying life insurance because of any of these misconceptions, it’s time to take action now.

Get a quote directly on this page and talk to us. We’ll point you in the right direction.


Christopher Abrams

Chris is the owner of Abrams Inc. and is insurance licensed in 48 states. He's helped 1,000s of people around the country get approved for life insurance. Many of his clients had previously been declined when working with another agent. His expert knowledge of insurance underwriting and relentless attention to detail help his clients find the best policy at the lowest cost.

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