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The calculator below uses our custom formula, which is based entirely on your inputs to give you a strong indication of what you need.

The result it provides is based entirely on your numbers.

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How it’s calculated: We considered your answers and evaluated, based on industry standards and expert advice, how much life insurance coverage you would need in today’s dollars. This total represents the amount of money it would cost to replace you and your future income earning potential to your beneficiaries, considering all of your assets, debts, and even inflation (2.5%) over the time period specified. While it may not be exact, it should be the starting point for you to accurately protect those you love, who depend on you most.

How To Use This Calculator

First, note the information icon next to each field.

If you have any questions about what number you should enter, click the icon and the calculator will give you more detail.

Next, know that each field must have an entry, even if is zero.

Lastly, you’re welcome to modify the numbers and recalculate as needed if you feel you made an error or found the suggested death benefit too drastically different than your expectations.

Take your time, it’s an important decision.

Of course, if still have questions, let us know.

How Accurate Is This Calculator?

The calculator is truly based on what you enter, and goes so far as to include adjustments for inflation.

It’s also based on industry-standards and advice provided by life insurance agents and financial professionals, alike.

If you’re still unsure if the suggested amount is right for you, we recommend you contact us and we’ll help walk you through the process.

Not sure about some of the inputs?

If you’re unsure about what you should enter into the calculator, we suggest reading our full guide on how much life insurance you need.